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“51人”项目 | Project 51 Personae


本项目呈现了关于现实人生的 51出戏剧,给本次上海双年展主题 “何不再问:正辩, 反辩,故事” 提供了51个故事 (不是答案),以及更多的可能性。 辩论和说理往往会有词汇匮乏的时候,词不达意的时候, 而故事总能保持着不确定性、丰富性和生动性, 因为一千个人心中会有一千个哈姆雷特。 在别人的这些故事中, 读者会看到自己的人生和影子, 所以它们也是我们自己的故事。

“51人” 项目触及了生活、情感、常识、自然、历史、经济、社会、 文化、 艺术等各个你能想得到和想不到的所有领域。它让参与其中的每一个人有机会成了一台戏,一个流动的发电站。这 51 个(组)人是历史洪流中的小小波浪, 茫茫人海中的点点涟漪,在波澜不惊中,在微波荡漾中,知识和能量得以传递和交换。




51 Personae presents 51 dramas that feature 51 real-life scenarios, and so it provides 51 stories—though not answers—expanding the possibilities of the 11th Shanghai Biennale: Why Not Ask Again: Arguments, Counterarguments, and Stories. While arguments and reasoning do not always come up with rhetoric sufficient to accurately reflect one’s contemplation, stories are embedded with uncertainty, diversity, and vitality, as is indicated in the proverb: “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”. From the stories of others, one enters their lives, causing a reflection on one’s own life, and in this sense, the stories of others are linked to ours.

51 Personae engages life, emotions, common sense, nature, history, economics, society, culture, and art, responding to and exceeding our speculations. It takes its chance in the way individuals present their dramas to become mobile power stations.

51 Personae, like the weight of human life on the streets of a city, is ephemeral and enduring.

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